Trévo Certifications

Trévo prides itself on its many certifications. Trévo is fully product approved in the countries it is in.

ORAC Certified Tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories, scoring a phenomenal rating of over 373,000 per bottle.

HALAL Certified: A food label is stamped HALAL if the contents of the food conform with Islamic dietary laws.

Kosher Certified: An industrial Kosher certification allows Trévo to be available for everyone to consume, regardless of religious affiliation.


CAP-e Certified Cell-based Antioxidant Protection in Erythrocytes (CAP-e) testing is the latest in cutting-edge antioxidant measurements.


Vegetarian: Trévo’s all-natural blend is 100% vegetarian, making it a wonderful nutritional option for nearly everyone, regardless of diet!


Certified Drug Free: Trévo has been given the certified drug free seal by BSCG, the leader in supplement and certification testing.

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